Now to the really important stuff: the food. Events - or feeds as we like to call them - catered by the gang feature barbecue at its very best, cooked to tender perfection in our custom built pits. To accompany the barbecue, we prepare pinto beans and slaw, and provide our hungry guests with pickles, onions, and bread. And, of course, to wash it all down, we brew and serve refreshing iced tea.

“What if I don’t want barbecue?” you may ask. Well, you’re in luck. While we may be famous for our barbecue, we’re happy to alter our menu to accommodate your needs. We’ve cooked everything from a good old fashioned country breakfast to a shrimp boil, so just let us know what you’re wanting and we will deliver.

The Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang uses only the finest products available for all the feeds. Pricing is determined by the menu, number of plates, and distance traveled to get to the event’s location.
  • 8 - 10 Volunteer Members make up the line
  • The size of the crowd determines the number of lines
  • One line can serve up to 1,000 people per hour!
  • Iced tea and desert can always be found close to the end of the line
  • Plates, napkins and cups will he handed out

Perryton Wildfire Relief fundraiser and feed

Serving Large Crowds Great Texas BBQ