Board of Directors
Jason Harrington
Elected Boss of the Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang. Responsible for success of the organization, community outreach and appointing a board to manage operations.  This position is held for 1 year. The Chuck Wagon Gang has been electing boss' since 1940.  
Gang Boss
Tommy Brown
Our External Assistant Boss is an elected position held for 1 year. The position holds a spot on the Executive Committee and shall be responsible for the function of the Cooking Committee, Transportation Committee, Building and Equipment Committee, and Rookie Boss/Screening Committee.
External Assistant Boss
Bill Bowden
Our internal boss is an elected position held for 1 year.  The position holds a spot on the Executive Committee and is responsibile for the management of all finances, bidding of feeds, accounts recievable and payable, travel committee, benevolent committee and entertainment committee.
Internal Assistant Boss
Joel Roberson
After a full year of committed volunteerism to our organization, the immediate past boss gets to enjoy the benefits of his efforts as a board member and a member of the Executive Board; mentoring and supporting the current Gang Boss.
Immediate Past Boss
Chuck Witt
The First Assistant Boss shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang Boss, and upon a vacancy occurring in the office of the Gang Boss, he shall act as such and have full authority in the premises until a new Boss is elected. The First Assistant shall assist the Boss in all projects and events undertaken by the Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang.
First Assistant
Darren Wilkerson
The primary function of the Appointed Assistant is to be responsible for the proper and effective function of the Publicity Committee, Special Events Committee and Manpower Committee; and to assist the Boss in various other projects as deemed necessary.
Appointed Assistant 
Randy Garner
Appointed  by the past boss', the past boss rep is a board position that gives a voice to all the past boss'.  The position requires the responsibilty of keeping past boss' up-to-date by  holdiing a quarterly meeting  to report the current financial status and up-coming events of the gang.
Past Boss Rep
David Steele
The head cook is appointed by the current Gang Boss and is responsible for organizing a head cook for each feed and menu options for special feeds.  This position requires years of knolwedge in cooking, recipes and correct  portions for serving large volumes of  people.
Head Cook
Randy Garner
Appointed by the current boss  responsible for securing sufficient manpower for all feed and special activities.
Richard "Coop" Cooper
The Rookie Boss presides over the Screening Committee which will be responsible for interviewing applicants before their membership is accepted into the Gang. The position also provides mentoring of newly voted-in members as to the successful systems  of the Gang.
Rookie Boss
Freddy King
The Futures position is responsible for acquisition of new Feeds, follow-up inquiries of new Feeds, ​work with the Executive Secretary to send out letters, promotional videos / materials and/or telephone conferences on possible Feeds and be responsible for checking out Feed Sites, availability of utilities, permits, health requirements, lodging, transportation, airports, etc.
Tim "Spud" White
The Special Events Coordinator is  responsible for Special Events as designated by the OCWG Boss.
Special Events
Steve Hurt
Publicity is responsible for maintaining our website, facebook and any other social media by keeping them updated, news releases, update the brochures and history book.
Noah wright
Our Travel is responsible for arranging Individual Gang Members’ Air and Ground Transportation when required for feeds as necessary. Coordination with the Gang Boss, Transportation Committee Head and the Executive Secretary is an important aspect of the Travel Committee responsibility.
John Lewellan
Our Transportation position is responsible for semi and bobtail truck, trailer and all portable pits as well as arrival at a Feed Site, maintenance, licenses, permits, keys, etc.
Ruben Mesa
Our Building and Equipment position is responsible for the maintenance of our building and cooking facilities as well as replacement of all equipment to include the utilities.
Building and Equipment
Jeff Isom
Appointed by Boss to examine and review By-Laws on a regular Basis and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for any changes.
Joe Allbright
Our Benevolent position is responsible for providing assistance to families of Gang Members in time of need, providing assistance, flowers and / or food and to notify the Gang Secretary or Boss of sickness or death of a Gang Member or in a Gang Member’s family.
Larry Eichinger
Buck Fields
Leslie Phillips
Serving Large Crowds Great Texas BBQ