There are currently 250 members in the Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang. To remain in good standing with the Gang, each one of our members must: 1) maintain a membership in the Odessa Chamber of Commerce; 2) pay yearly dues; 3) buy the traditional brown and white Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang uniform (right down to the western hats and cowboy boots); 4) pay their own expenses; and 5) promote goodwill for Odessa and Texas. 

As a non-profit, there’s only one paid employee in the Gang, the Executive Secretary. The rest of our members are made up of local businessmen volunteering as ambassadors for Odessa and surrounding cities.

Members are split into 4 different groups within the Gang, each one coming together to keep events from going off-trail. At feeds, each member wears a colored neckerchief to distinguish their role: the current Boss wears white, past Bosses wear green, Assistant (Rookie) Bosses wear yellow, and the general membership wears brown.
Prospective members are screened and voted on by the Gang's board of directors after a receiving a recommendation from another member.

If you are interested in joining, click here .
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